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Bring fresh advances in care back to your patients every day. PA DosedDaily delivers one clinically relevant question to your inbox each day covering the latest evidence-based research that's relevant to your field.

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Meeting your PA CME requirements has never been easier or more convenient. Answer the daily question right from your inbox with a single tap or click. You’ll learn something important and earn 36 AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment CME Credits each year, which the NCCPA will count as 54 so you can fulfill your 100 credit 2-year requirement. A 50% bonus!
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One question a day. Right in your inbox. No login required. That’s all it takes to learn the most important findings from more than 360 carefully selected journal articles every year. Keeping up with the latest research has never been easier.

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In recognition of the value of self-assessment as an active approach to learning, NCCPA applies an additional 50 percent weighting when these self-assessment credits are logged for NCCPA certification maintenance purposes. That means every credit you earn with PA DosedDaily counts for 50% more towards your NCCPA requirements!

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James Van Rhee, PA-C, MS
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About PA DosedDaily

My passion for PA education and the role that technology can play in the learning process is the driving force behind PA DosedDaily.

From the start it was critically important that this be a PA-led initiative to have the most impact for the profession. I've recruited a team of top PAs that practice across specialties to ensure that the content is both clinically relevant and engaging when it arrives in your inbox each day.

This care and focus allows us to serve PAs in the best possible way to improve learning outcomes and have a positive impact on patient care. I hope that you'll find learning and reading just a little bit each day with PA DosedDaily to be a productive habit and one of the best (and most fun) learning experiences of your career.

Supporting PA Students

When you subscribe to DosedDaily, your membership funds free access for thousands of students helping them stay up-to-date by reading a little each day.

We all have mentors that helped us become the clinicians we are today. Many challenged us by asking important questions and making sure we knew the answers. This was the inspiration behind DosedDaily.

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