Stephanie Neary, MPA, MMS, PA-C

Program Editor, Primary Care

Assistant Professor and Director of Didactic Education, Yale PA Online Program


Stephanie Neary, MPA, MMS, PA-C is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Didactic Education for the Yale PA Online Program, working remotely from Charleston, SC.  She holds an MPA in Health Care Management, is a graduate of the Midwestern University – Glendale PA program, and currently pursuing her PhD in Nursing Science from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She began her clinical work in primary care serving refugee families in Phoenix, AZ before changing to inpatient endocrinology in 2018 where she continues to work on an inpatient diabetes management service at MUSC. She began teaching undergraduate courses in 2011, before transitioning to PA education in 2015. She has taught PANCE/PANRE review courses for Kaplan since 2018 and is a 2020-2021 Physician Assistant Education Research Fellow. She is also a lead author for Clinical Medicine for Physician Assistants, a comprehensive textbook being published by Springer in 2022.

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Selected Research and Publications

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