Erin G. Wolf, BSN, MS, PA-C

Program Editor, Surgery

Assistant Professor, Academic Coordinator, & Director of Admissions, Arcadia University PA Program

Erin G. Wolf, BSN, MS, PA-C

Erin Wolf BSN, MS, PA-C is an Asst. Professor, Academic Coordinator and Director of Admissions for the Arcadia University PA program.  She obtained her Master of Science degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from West Chester University.  Erin has worked in healthcare for approximately 25 years in various settings.  She dedicated her nursing career to patients in various critical care settings at local Philadelphia hospitals.  Upon completion of her graduate training, she was excited to join a fast paced, premier orthopedic surgery practice where she has maintained employment for over 18 years. 

Her clinical experience spans the spectrum of orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries and diagnoses.  She also worked in student health services at Princeton University treating undergraduate and graduate students in need of general medical attention and support.  She has been engaged in PA education as a lecturer, adjunct professor, facilitator for over 11 yrs. and is the Director for the Physical Diagnosis courses in the program. Her research interest includes pain management protocols and PA admissions processes. 

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