Annie Wildermuth, MMS, PA-C, CAQ EM, RD

Program Editor, Emergency Medicine

Associate Director of the George Washington University PA Program


Annie Wildermuth, MMS, PA-C, CAQ EM, RD, is the Associate Director of the George Washington University PA Program. She has practiced emergency medicine since 2012, earning a Certificate of Added Qualification in 2018.  Previously she was Associate Program Director and Admissions Director at the University of Nebraska Medical Center PA Program. Her research interests include Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, anorexia nervosa, intravenous fluids, and PA school admissions, and she has published and presented nationally in these areas. Annie has extensive history working with and supporting the U.S. Military, particularly military PAs, as a civilian, and she is passionate about this work. Annie is originally from East Lyme, Connecticut. As a University of Connecticut alumnus and former UConn Women’s Basketball manager, she avidly roots for the Huskies. She enjoys the ocean and hiking.

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Selected Research and Publications

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