How do I access the questions?
You’ll receive a question in your email inbox each weekday around 5am EST. Just click on the answer choice right from your email and you’ll be taken to the explanation - no log-in required!

PA Programs Only: You will also receive question at the weekend at around 9am EST.
Do I need to answer the questions every day?
No! The daily questions act as a reminder. When you have time, answer any question and then click "Next Dose” from the explanation to catch up and earn all your credits. You can also catch up on specific months by clicking on the menu icon beneath the "Next Dose" button.
How do I find past questions?
You can mark any questions that you want to revisit as “favorites” using the heart icon under each question and see these on the Dose® List page once you have logged in. You can also search your email for past questions that you are interested in.
When will I receive the monthly quiz?
Quizzes for each month are sent during the first week of the subsequent month. If you have outstanding questions for the month, you'll be prompted to complete those first. You can catch up on quizzes whenever you have time using the Next Dose button on each explanation.

PA Programs Only: There are no quizzes for the PA program. 
What topics are covered?
Each day you'll receive a question on a new topic that is clinically relevant in your chosen program. Colleagues really appreciate the variety of topics covered. Each question is based on an article that you may not be familiar with and which impacts patient care. We weight coverage based on how likely you are to see something in your practice.
How does earning credit work?
In order to earn credit, answer the daily questions (it's ok if you get them wrong!) and pass a 5-question monthly quiz (unlimited retakes!). You’ll earn 2 credits for each month you complete.

PA Programs Only: Simply answer the daily questions retrying until correct to earn credit. You’ll fulfill 4.5 credits for each month you complete.
How can I check how many credits I have earned?
Click on the menu icon to the right of each explanation. There you can see how many credits you have earned and catch up on unanswered questions to earn any incomplete credits.
How do I claim my certificate?
Your credit is stored in your account until you need a certificate. You do not need to claim a certificate every month. When you do need your certificate, you can log in and complete the steps on the Certificates tab. The certificate will be dated based on the date on which the survey was completed and the credits claimed.
When should I claim my certificate?
Different states have different dates by which certificates must be submitted for different periods. We will send a reminder in early December encouraging you to claim your certificates for the calendar year.
What type of credit will I earn and who accepts them?
ENT Program: You will earn 24 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ that count for ABOHNS Continuing Certification (formerly MOC) each year. 
Neurology Program: You will earn 24 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ that are approved for ABPN® Self Assessment Credit each year.
NP Program: You will earn 24 ANCC Contact Hours (including 9 pharm hours) each year - accepted by AANP.
PA Program: You will fulfill 36 AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment credits each year which fulfill 54 of your NCCPA requirement.
Who accredits DosedDaily?
Each DosedDaily program is jointly provided with a leading organization such as NYU Langone Health. You can learn more about your program on our accreditation informationpage.
How can I change the email where I receive questions?
You can update the email where you receive doses by logging in and updating your profile under the Account tab. You can also set a secondary email if you would like to receive questions in more than one account.
What is your refund policy?
You can cancel at any time. With our 6 Credit Love It Guarantee you'll get a full refund if you have received content that is eligible for 6 credits or less. If you cancel after this period, you will only be charged for the months that have elapsed charged at the monthly rate.
I still have questions! How can I contact you?
We'd love to hear from you! Use our contact form to get in touch. You can also respond to any DosedDaily email with any questions.